Sooo I’ve been experimenting with sewing for a about 10 months now. So far it’s definitely been a steep learning curve. My mom used to sew and she told me that before she dared to make a top or pants she’d spent weeks sewing just blanket and pillow covers, curtains and kitchen cloths. Haha, the first thing I made was a velvet tank top for Karli, but it was quite hideous and too small for him. Yeah, I didn’t realize that when you measure a person, you need to add a few centimetres if you don’t want to create a body-hugging sexiness of a piece. And let me say, in this top K looked very ready to hit KitKat (yes, the famous fetish sex club in Berlin). I gave it to Ivan 😀 I love sewing. It’s meditation for me. So far I’ve learned from books, YouTube and some DIY bloggers. Mostly it’s fun and soothing, but sometimes it can be really really frustrating, when you realize that you just wasted all that fabric and the piece is basically best suited for the bin. Below you’ll see some of my early creations and some later (more professional, haha). And don’t forget to check out the gallery at the very end. Enjoy!

cnv000027-2 1

These pics were taken by Evelyn in the Milk Bar in Funkhaus Berlin. We were living for the soviet vibes and the 70s inspired cropped satin jacket fit very well there. This was one of the first things I made.  I used patterns from a book to make this, but appropriated them a lot. Knowing next to nothing about construction of clothing of course it all got a bit too complicated and headache-y. The stitches and hems are all crooked and the lining is non-existent. If a tailor looked on the inside of this jacket I'm sure they'd get a heartattack :D

cnv000019 2

Once Tammy gave me this super nice silk fabric she got in Bali to make her a combo out of it. She had something in mind that Erykah Badu (the singer of both our hearts) would wear. It's quite hard to make something for a person who can't come for a single fitting because you live in different countries, but I miraculously managed!

cnv000033 3

The flared sleeve top was sort of an 'impulse sew'. I saw variations of it everywhere in mags, online and on the street, so I thought I'd make one. It turned out great, but it's a b*tch to tuck those sleeve under anything - jackets, jumpers, cardigans - impossible.

cnv000021 4

This lounge kimono I made for Karli from a second hand blanket cover I got in Genesis for a Euro. I wish I had something like that here in Berlin. All that one Euro fabric that is just sitting there being unused 700km away from me… Ah!

cnv000018-3 5

This black towel jumper is one of my favourite things I made and I wear it a LOT. It's made from the fabric towels are made of - terrycloth or terry. I absolutely fell in love with the towel look and I even created a dress that looks like I just got out of the shower, check it out HERE. The shorts are pure silk and I made them from a hideous baggy silk dress I got in Genesis, again for 1 Euro. The shorts also quickly became my summer staple and I wore them almost every day.

cnv000027 6

The sweat combo you've already seen on me HERE. This is the first one I made, for K. Check out the gallery below to see the rest of the pics. Both black swimsuit material top and the shorts I made from scraps I had leftover. The reflective stuff you've seen HERE. I just finished my padded reflective bomber jacket. Will show you soon! *it even has a lining - the works! all bells and whistles! :D

So what do you think? I think it’s definitely worth the time and effort. I feel awesome knowing that I can create something that’s one of a kind and for me only (or from me). To a certain extent I believe that if one’s interested in fashion, this would be one of the things that one should experience. How it is to make stuff, how much time it needs, how much goes on behind the finished product. Today when we’re becoming ever so disconnected from where the things we consume come from, it’s more relevant than ever to put yourself in the shoes of the producer and stop only consuming for a bit. Let me know your opinion.

me & Karlis & Evelyn