Berghain is a very ‘love it or hate it’ type of place for most people. And for the ones who’ve been more than twice it is a love-hate relationship – like for me. The first few times I visited Berlin I pretty much spent the whole weekend there. Didn’t know where the Brandenburger Tor was, didn’t know where the TV tower was (where exactly, of course I could see it, ha), but I knew where Berg was 😀 But what all people will agree on and tell you is that it’s definitely a funny place, curious. An open space where everything is allowed as long as it’s consensual. These are some of my experiences from the most famous nightclub in Berlin with a history as colorful as its visitors (the PG version).

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Maybe that's why some people there actually don't wear anything at all.

It’s no news it’s always a fashion show inside. It’s inspiring and really amazing to just sit there and look at everything people are wearing. However, I do feel as if I’m being judged constantly. And not in a good way. There’s definitely a certain pressure to look on point. Maybe that’s why some people there actually don’t wear anything at all. I mean shoes (and maybe high socks) + nothing. It’s possible to recognise members of the ‘Berghain crowd’ on the street. It’s sort of a distinctive look. I don’t consider myself distinguishable. However, once I was wearing these platform shoes with a black outfit and Karlis was also in black. As we passed this one group of people we heard one of them say: ‘fucking Berghain people’ 😀 Yeah, some people don’t like Berghain and think it’s pretentious. I get it. The whole door policy – super strict dress-code and sometimes the sheer randomness of the bouncers’ decision as well, can seem like bullshit when all you care about is music and not fashion.

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  • Once we waited in the queue for 3 hours outside while it was snowing. And then another half an hour for the cloak check. Yes, this is quite normal.
  • Once I tried to cut the line, because my friend told me to. I misunderstood and I went straight for the bouncers. I wasn’t on the guestlist or anything. They told me off really harshly and sent me packing. It’s no joke – they can ban you for life. Rumour has it there’s a catalogue of people with their pictures who will never be let in ever again because they did something wrong.
  • Once I broke my heel while dancing. I had to change to flip flops. I was washing the mess off my feet for the whole next week.
  • There’s an ice cream parlour inside. It’s a bit hidden, but imagine our happiness when we once found it. You can also buy bananas there.
  • There are free condoms, should you need them. There’s also free vitamin fizzy tablets, C and magnesium.
  • There’s an extensive labyrinth of dark rooms for people to have sex.
  • There’s another club in the same building. Lab.Oratory has a separate entrance and no females are allowed inside (only like twice a year on a special occasion). I’ve been told all sort of kinky stuff goes on in there. And you consent to anything and everything that’s gonna happen to you in there by simply entering.
  • Some people worship it and think that going anywhere else is a waste of time. Go there a few times and you will notice the same people over and over.
  • One urban Berghain myth says that last year 47 people died in there. I’ll leave it at that.
  • The club is said to play some of the best house and techno music in the world, if not THE best. This achievement has just recently been recognised and Berghain’s taxes were cut. Now Berghain is considered a place of cultural relevance. Aaand no, they won’t lower the entry price because of this. I have to add tho, that hearing a Britney Spears remix in Panorama Bar (the house-y part of Berghain) was almost an out of body experience, says Karlis. To me it was very surprising, but in a good way (a lot of people would beg to differ, K included).
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... hearing a Britney Spears remix in Panorama Bar was almost an out of body experience.

These pics were taken by my gurl vErotica a.k.a. Veronica Jonsson in front of Berghain. She’s my femi girl power sister here in Berlin. Check out her thangs. She talented! Her Instagram, blog, website. The trenchcoat is by H&M and I got it for free in the Bratislava showroom.

Veronica Jonsson