They call it the anti-paparazzi jacket…. It started with me wondering what to get KK for b-day. Since I knew about his newly found obsession – reflective stuff, I went on ebay and found a seller who sells reflective fabric by meter. This obsession is rooted (I’m guessing) in the fact that Karli works at night on his new project, Q-Friend. It’s a service which tells you how long the queues are to Berlin nightclubs. ‘CAUSE they can be loooong 😉 On his b-day K was presented with the fabric and asked what he wants from it. He said he’d like a bomber jacket. So I made it. It wasn’t exactly super easy, but I managed. Again I patterned it after an older silk one. The only problem was that since the fabric isn’t really woven, but plastic, every time one sews into it, it leaves a hole. So I had a hell of time constantly stressing so I don’t f*ck up, so I don’t ruin the whole thing. The sleeve, waist and collar finishes are from a normal knit fabric. It turned out great! Damn it, now I want one as well! Btw, it’s super anti-paparazzi – this was shot with a flash during the day, but if you do it at night, nothing else is visible. Just the blindingly WHITE jacket.

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They call it the anti-paparazzi jacket….This is how it looks at night *CLICK*

These pics are taken at ICC Berlin Messe. I’ve seen it before because it’s very close to the main bus station, ZOB am Funkturm, but I never looked closer. It’s really awesome, if you want to read more about it, here – the blog belongs to one of my favs from Berlin.

”It is a monstrosity wrapped in tin foil, straight out of an invasion movie. In typical Berlin megalomania, it is one of the largest congress buildings in the world, finished construction in 1979 and is now, unfortunately, without perspective.

… and I mean that literally: just as well as Tempelhof, the ICC Berlin is also currently used as shelter for refugees. Why would they shut down such a magnificent building, you wonder? Because it’s too expensive to maintain.”

Finding Berlin

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Q-Friend, it's a service which tells you how long the queues are to Berlin nightclubs.

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final-backpack-sized 4

I made the backpack as well. No special idea behind it or inspiration behind it, it’s meant to be functional. And since these days I’m biking around without lights (mine broke, and I’m too lazy to get new), the backpack could potentially keep me visible at night on the road (ya, ya, I’ll get the lights tomorrow). I was thinking about putting it up for sale here online. But then I came up with maybe a better idea. This Saturday me and Lulu are selling our clothes at a Nachtflohmarkt (night fleamarket) in Arena’s Glashaus, so I’m going to try to sell it there. See how people react, if they like it; and yeah, test my work’s selling potential. What would you say? How do you like iiiiiit???

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''It is a monstrosity wrapped in tin foil, straight out of an invasion movie.'' - Finding Berlin

Made by me: KK's reflective bomber jacket and reflective backpack (for sale)