Melisa Minca

is a clothing label based in Berlin founded in 2018, specialising in upcycling, custom tailoring and ethical production.


  • Founder
    • Melisa Mincova, born 1990 in Trenčín, Slovakia
  • Mission
    •  To transform the way people treat clothes, but also the way they treat each other. What one is wearing shouldn’t perpetuate any sort of hierarchy, but instead celebrate our uniqueness.
  • How
    • ‘System Recovery’ – upcycled and reworked pieces from 2nd hand
    • Custom pieces made to order and to measure

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  • One of kind, unique pieces
  • Handmade in Berlin, but affordable
  • For eccentric individuals who want to have fun with self-expression
  • But not contribute to the environmental pollution and human exploitation which the fashion industry is causing


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Melisa Mincova, Matternstrasse 20, 10249 Berlin


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