In recovery

“IN RECOVERY” a runway show by Melisa Minca

At Melisa Minca, design fixes problems, not causes them. In Recovery is a one-of-a-kind presentation that explores breaking free from destructive economic cycles. Through sustainable fashion, art, and storytelling, MM tackles our addiction to growth as a society and showcases her latest upcycled designs.

The collection is exclusively crafted from discarded materials, embodying their commitment to sustainability and innovation. Each piece tells a story of transformation, representing a non-linear journey. MM aims to fuel imagination and highlight the potential of upcycling, with zero-waste as the central design approach and ultimate production goal.

‘To me fashion is a powerful tool which can affect societal changes on a global scale. I believe clothing can be instrumental in contributing to a wider cultural shift which the human race is desperately in need of considering how science has evolved in recent years.’ Melisa Minca.