This month was pretty weird. Good and bad days were rotating a bit too fast and mixed with general autumn (winter is coming, bleugh) fatigue it produced some odd moods for me. But I’ll focus on the good things here. For the video skip to the end of this post.

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The straps are not functional at all unless you count the 'look at me' factor.

  • My German language certificate arrived which means I passed the test (and with flying colours), which means I’m officially employable here. Haha, finally after a year 😀 Germany loves papers proving your skills.
  • Then I had my first job interview completely in German! I have to say it was an amazing feeling afterwards, when I basically found out that it’s really no problem for me to speak German, even in this kind of stressful situation. It’s for a social media manager position in digital marketing agency. Weeehooo!
  • Me and Karlis hosted a party for a new label project of our friend’s called Trend Tracks. You might have spotted the vibes from the night in my Insta story. There were DJs playing at our place the whole night and streaming it live. Check it if you’re interested in house and techno music, it’s really cool stuff. Listen and watch HERE.
  • I got a new phone which was super overdue since my old HTC was driving me crazy, something wrong with the screen. Don’t get me wrong, the glitches looked uber cool, but if they’re actually preventing you from doing the most basic stuff on your phone, then it’s a problem 😀 I have Huawei P9 now and the camera and its features are AH-mazinggg.
  • My mommy visited me and we had wonderful time, including the unforgettable trip to Teufelsberg and its highest tower where the echo is just divine. Recommended!
  • I met a super interesting person, Lusi, who works in a fashion tech company called ElectroCouture. He’s currently researching into BioTech fashion i.e. how to make materials from living matter – algae, funghi and others. You’ll hear more about this here soon.
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Me and K hosted a party for a new label project of our friend's called Trend Tracks. Listen and watch HERE.

These picks and video are about a month old. Due to hectic times (in my AND Chris’ – the photographer lives), they’re out only now. Chris did a wonderful job on the video, yay! I made this jacket completely from scratch and it’s my first padded jacket with a proper lining. Yaaaas – progressing with my skillz! Again, I patterned it after my old silk bomber jacket and worked with YouTube videos and my book on the lining stuff. The webbing straps were meant to be there from the start because I fell in love with THIS design on VFiles – where I get inspiration a lot. Feng Chen Wang‘s designs are seriously awesome! The jacket is quite out-of-this-world and the straps are not functional at all unless you count the ‘look at me’ factor.

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I’m going to repeat myself, but yes, please, do have fun with fashion! Forget about the high-street brands and make stuff yourself! There are no limits to expressing yourself with clothing – no gender bullshit, no societal conventions + the materials are in every second hand shop at your disposal 🙂 ANUSthing is possible!

Made by me: webbing strap clasp bomber jacket

Christian Schneider