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Melisa Minca is a clothing label based in Berlin, founded in 2018, specialising in upcycling, reworking pre-loved items, custom tailoring.

MM serves as a bridge between ethical fashion and contemporary design. MM is for eccentric individuals who want to have fun with self-expression, but at the same time not contribute to the environmental pollution and human exploitation which the fashion industry is causing. Our mission is to transform the way people treat clothes, but also the way they treat each other. What one is wearing shouldn’t perpetuate any sort of hierarchy, but instead celebrate our uniqueness.

At MM we are

  • reworking second hand and vintage items
  • upcycling scraps and fabric leftovers
  • reviving damaged clothing
  • making custom pieces to your measure
  • transparent about our process

Our items are

  • produced in our Berlin studio
  • made to order to avoid over-production
  • made with locally sourced materials, often scraps
  • made with zero-waste production goal
    • about 80% of our scraps get reused
    • 15% ends up as filling for pillows
    • around 5% is discarded
  • all our packaging is re-used

The MM team has 3 members at the moment + a freelance seamstress and an intern.

We’re working towards a more equal, just and sustainable future. We believe raising awareness about the social, political and environmental issues with the fashion industry, consumerist culture is important, but won’t substitute taking action. That’s why MM actively supports and demands change. Sharing economy, cyclical systems of production and consumption – with action, we can bring about change.