The other week we shot this editorial for using nails and clothes from ISLA Berlin (among others the brands include two super cool Berlin brands Alles Berlin and WOMAN Berlin) and also featuring my designs! <333 I was shooting on my Olympus Mju and Katerina her digital (you can see her pics on Kink). Day well spent! As Anicka said: ‘Hunting for the best color of nail polish, Jihyun, Lils and Nathalie were bonding over cheap fruity drinks and complaining about frozen toes (sorry for that, ladies!).’ The nails on our models were designed by ISLA after our styling decision to go for the ‘ghetto fab hood mama’ vibes 😀 Awesome work!

I love nails! Never had acrylic, but this experience made me wanna get some, haha! Although it would probably be super annoying to sew with them 🙁 While girls were changing outfits in my DriveNow, we were contemplating our dream nail designs. The nail world is so far away from me and yet when I’m in Dong Xuan (the Asian shopping mall) I get a peek and it’s very exciting. There’s sooooo much that, when we were shooting in the nail accessory hall, it became even overwhelming to my inner sustainable child. But so much fun! 🙂 To honor the nail world I decided to share some pertinent quotes… With a twist.

Made by me: pink satin top, orange camo pants, pink chain top, white pvc skirt, pink versace jacket

Shot by me for

In collaboration with ISLA Berlin