Next month it will be two years since I started sewing. It’s been a super enjoyable learning experience which changed my  view on fashion profoundly and also how I consume fashion significantly. I totally appreciate the time and effort it takes to make a finished garment, the materials which go into the production and the impact it all has on the environment and the society. Of course I had a clear idea before (studying Sustainable Development and writing my dissertation on sustainable fashion), but it’s not until one starts to learn to make their own clothes, one understands fully.

I got myself some nice new (2nd hand, haha) equipment and after 2 years of teaching myself from YouTube, books and experimenting with all sorts of fabrics, I finally feel ready to start selling my clothes officially! YAAAAY! So here’s an awesome news: I’m becoming a freelancer and starting my own label. It’s all at the very start, but it’s underway. So soon, you’ll be able to browse a little shop here on my website and other places (still researching this). I have been working with second hand materials and will focus on this way way more in my production.

The even better news is: I’m already selling, but only to order – people ask me to make pieces they saw on my blog for them. Like Chloe, who’s wearing the blue satin embroidered jacket. Or Ivan and Kaa wearing the lace-up b&w pieces. Just to be clear – this is only a newsflash. The shop is coming soon. But feel free to drop me emails ( or DM me on IG (@melisaminca) to order. You can find all my designs HERE. Girl’s gotta eat! 😀

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Karl & Melisa & Chloe

Made by me: Blue and red satin bomber jackets and skirt