I got my driving license when I was 18, for my b-day. Since we only had my mom’s work car (and her boss would have killed her if anything had happened to it), I didn’t get to drive and get experience after I was done with the driving course. So what happened was that at 26 I started to learn again after 8 years of not driving at all. Since April I’ve been using another car sharing company here in Berlin to re-learn how to drive. My main goal was to learn how to drive to be able to help out on road trips, to be generally more independent and just to have this skill. Karlis is a really good teacher and even better driver. We used to go at night, so the streets are empty 🙂 When I was approached by drive by, I was excited. One of the things I love about Berlin is how pervasive and thriving sharing economy here is. It never occurred to me that I’d want or need a car, because of the extensive (and usually fast) public transport Berlin offers. But since I have the option now to rent a car for a few minutes at a time I’m super into the idea of mobility and freedom. Moreover, drive by is great for trips outside the city, because it allows parking for up to 48 hours. I took a drive by Audi A1 for a spin around town one afternoon. Here’s my experience with car sharing in general and also this new experience with drive by.

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Made by me: Combo made from 'Young Versace' denim


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