It’s a known fact that public places get overdone / ‘overphotographed’ nowadays. So what to do? Today we’re going to learn from my new fav Berlin photographer Hanko Ye. Hanko does street photography predominantly, but also shoots events and, ehm, bloggers (or just me?). We love him for his talent to capture youth culture and the street in all its realness. He’s a fresh intern at VICE and we got together last week to explore some new locations in Berlin. This is what I’ve learned in one afternoon from a street photographer on how to get places 😀

pick 1 1
M.M-6 2
2 buzz 3
animated-doorbell-o 4
Happy_b_ 5
M.M-4 6
M.M-11 7
tenor 8
M.M-12 9
3 credit 10
source 11
M.M-7 12
M.M-5 13
bump-key 14
4 ask 15
M.M-2 16
Untitled-4 17
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M.M-13 19
M.M-1 20
M.M-9 21
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skeleton-animated-gif-15 25
M.M-10 26

Made by me: red satin embroidered skirt

Hanko Ye