Gianni! God, I love (and wanna wear the sh*t out of) everything you’ve ever designed! 😀 This is a tribute to this fashion genius. I discovered this fabric in a Polish warehouse and even though it’s just polyester, I had to get it and make something from it. To my mind came those divine silk shirts by Gianni. It was my first time working with such an elaborate print (one unit was 120 cm long). It was quite challenging, but the thing I disliked the most was the amount of fabric I ended up wasting, trying to make the shirt symmetrical. In the pics we’re shopping for some plants. This was before I was approached by Lucie and found out about her project, which sells 2nd hand flowers. Check it out, if you’re in Berlin or Prague and are in need of some beautiful indoor plants. PS: I can’t wait for the American Crime Story about Versace to air in January 2018.

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Made by me: Gianni Versace inspired shirt & beige shorts