Not that Berlin ever gets boring. It’s just sometimes you need to get out. Me & Karl decided to spend the weekend hunting for 2nd hand in Poznań (about 3 hours driving from Berlin). There wasn’t much research involved (apart from searching for the shops online). The decision to go to Poland to do this was more intuitive. Which later proved false. I found all of these warehouses and wholesalers on the outskirts of Poznań, but it turned out you could only buy big bags of stuff sold by kilo, which was a bit of a lottery since you couldn’t open them. They were just labeled ‘Women’s summer clothes’, for example. Oh well, I learned something 😀 So we gave up after visiting 4 of these and just went around those in the center of Poznań, where we were more successful. The prices were adequate and I found awesome things, but I also learned (*GASP*) that Slovak 2nd hands are the best ones I’ve ever visited – considering selection and price. Anyway, this is my little list of things I enjoyed the weekend in Poznań. What I made from the fabrics I bought in the next posts 🙂

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A shot of vodka and some sexy fingerfoods like ogorki kiszone.


We found the collest Airbnb. It was totally central, no transport needed, we could walk everywhere from this flat. It had a fun mezzanine bedroom, a beautiful bathroom with a cheeky mirror running across the whole wall, so you can enjoy watching yourself (or selves) while showering 😀 Best! (And a bit unofficial access to the roof through the window, hehe).

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2nd Hand & Fabrics

This was the main goal of our trip and these shops I’d recommend – NooNah (this is where these pink pants are form), Bemax (where I bought all the Versace fabric), Blezer (got my white worker dungarees), and Priscilla GalleryThere isn’t a franchise 2nd hand like Humana or Textile House, so I recommend just searching ‘odzież używana’ and you’ll find the smaller ones with less curated picks, but maybe also gems.


Pierożak Pierogarnia – Homemade pierogi made right in front of you by the lovely ladies. Big selection, very affordable and you buy by piece, so we got one from each filling. They also had veg/vegan options. MUST!

Ptasie Radio – Lovely breakfast selection, but also homemade ‘hipster’ lunches for a low price. The interior is a bit overboard, but totally enjoyable in all its kitchyness. Many veggie and vegan options.

Pijalnia Wódki i Piwa – A very stereotypical Polish kind of evening here. A shot of vodka and some sexy fingerfoods like ogorki kiszone (pickles) or potato with cottage cheese, beef tatar and Żurek (YUM!!!). Me and Karl were in our little Eastern European / Slavic cuisine heaven 😀 It’s super fun but I was advised by my friend not to stay there too long, because people can get really drunk and messy.

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Drink & Dance

Projekt LAB

I guess this would be labeled as the underground club with electronic music. It was funny that the night we went there a Berlin DJ was headlining 😀 The vibes were super welcoming and friendly. And for the first time, I didn’t mind drinking at the bar, cause I finally could afford it! The night was organised by Karawana.

Others worth mentioning:

OFF GarbaryNocny Targ Towarzyski, and Ministerstwo Browaru.

See & Experience

KontenerART is a multifunction outdoors space, where you can enjoy the dun, drinks and live music next to the river Varta.

Kolektyw Kąpielisko organises open-air cinema in an old swimming pool. The night we were there a movie was on and guess which: ‘Berlin Calling’. We were trying to get out of Berlin and it kept following us!

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Made by me: rubber band b&w bra

Karl & Minka

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