Here was a story of how and why I got fired. Today I received a text from my old boss (not Conflictfood – my boss there was great!) who apparently read this post. He was threatening to sue me, even though I used no names, no addresses, no numbers or anything which could even remotely identify the people or the company involved. That’s why I don’t think I should let him intimidate me, but I want to be on the safe side (because I, unlike him, don’t have money for a lawyer). I’m disappointed and aggravated. So much for free speech.



This dress I made from a Camel table cloth I got in a 2nd hand for a euro. You can’t see, but the strap is actually a 2nd hand Dolce&Gabbana belt. Haha, the fabric is waterproof (or more like water-repellent) so at least I don’t have to worry about anything being spilled on it. After all it’s a table cloth, it’s made for that! 😀

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The reply was that it's all in my head, nothing is going to change and that I'm the problem.

However, I consider this a super valuable lesson and I’m really glad it all happened. I’m excited for another job and now I know what to consider when it’s offered to me and before I accept. On that note – does anyone have a job for me? 😀  Ready for new ventures! But probably just part-time 😀 Let’s see.

Wishing u a nice week!

Made by me: Camel dress from second hand table cloth

Kärli K