Last week I went to Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands and it was really awesome! I’ve decided to make a little guide, because it’s definitely a place worth visiting. Lanzarote is the easternmost island and one of the most ancient of the archipelago. There’s many volcanos and when me and Karlis arrived the sight was almost apocalyptic. Just mountains, almost no green and black rocks – igneous rocks. The island isn’t so big (takes 2 hours to drive from one end to the other and about 30 mins across), so we rented a car and explored as if on a roadtrip.

We stayed in an airbnb in a small village called Punta Mujeres (The Woman’s Tip?).  I chose the flat because it was right at the sea, about 10 metres to the water and had a beautiful view – on one side the ocean and on the other the volcanic mountains. The village was so small that it only had like one late night shop, two restaurants and a minimarket. But whatevs, we had a car and the airbnb was quite cheap – 40 euros per night all together. I loved how 99% of the buildings on this island were all white… Unfortunately, we only stayed 2 full days + 2 travelling days, so we had to pack a lot into our itinerary and also didn’t manage to experience some of the spots.  Here are some tips on what to see / do on Lanzarote. The photos are a combination of my Olympus Mju and Karl’s Fuji. This trip was everything I had wished for and more <3

Surf Spot Famara 1

My camera went under water and K started dripping blood as he had hurt himself falling.

Caleton Blanco

This beach was a beautiful combination of the black igneous rocks, white sand and beautiful turquoise water. The contrasts were amazing to take in. Of course I underestimated the sun, because it was quite windy and it didn’t feel hot. So I got a horrible sunburn the very first day…

Mirador del Río

This is a very nice viewpoint from one of the highest mountains on the island. You can see the smaller island which belongs to Lanzarote called La Graciosa. It’s a natural reserve and you can take a ferry there from Órzola. The building / view point was created in 1974 by the local artist César Manrique in his typical style, which was kinda funky.

Punta Mujeres 6

On the last night of the trip something terrible happened! In our little village the coast was quite rough and the ocean a bit too wild. That’s why there were a few of these natural swimming pools which were connected to the sea, but sheltered from the waves by big rocks. Intoxicated we decided to go skinny dipping. Then things started going wrong – in the first pool we saw rats, cockroaches were paving our way to the second one and then as K was going to test the water he slipped. My camera got to swim first and K started dripping blood as he had hurt himself falling 😀 Then the horror! My little shitty Olympus ‘All Weather’ Mju was not responsive. The film had one last pic on it and all the pics from the whole holiday. I wanted to die… I thought everything was lost, but fortunately, it just got a nice effect. Happy end!

Teguise 7
Punta Mujeres 8


The city was previously the capital of Lanzarote. It was nice, but more the most interesting thing there was actually a place we stumbled upon by accident – Obscure Point Of Horror Modern Art. I have absolutely no idea how this came about, but it was amazing. Everything you can imagine that people usually throw away was arranged on this small piece of land outdoors to create a vision of total eclectic craziness – in the most positive way (well, I think!). ‘Trash into art’ at its best!

Surf Spot Famara

A former fishing village turned surfer hotspot. The sight was incredibly dramatic as we got to the beach. It was sunny, but above the mountains and cliffs right next to the beach there were black clouds and the wind was really strong. Perfect for surfers, which we saw many of there. Unfortunately on this westbound coast it was clear what the plastic waste can do. The beach was full of it and it wasn’t produced by the locals, it came there with currents from different parts of the world. At the airport there was a big mural. The plastic found on the beach was glued onto the wall, creating the island Lanzarote and big writing next to it said: WELCOME TO THE OCEAN OF PLASTIC. Hmmm 🙁

Teguise 15

Timanfaya National Park

Unfortunately, we arrived here after it had closed, so we couldn’t get into the park and see the amazing geysers, active volcanoes and the igneous beaches. I’m still including it, because it’s definitely worth experiencing. Maybe next time then! 🙂


The capital of Lanzarote. I’d say you’re not missing much if you don’t go here. It’s a small city with nice promenades by the ocean if you need to be around a civilization for a bit after days spent wondering around the island mostly quiet.

000053-2 16
000059-2 17

The Cactus Garden

Or Jardín de Cactus. Wow! As a cactus lover I was elated here! It was magical walking among so many beautiful, big, colourful cacti. Totally recommended!

Papagayo Beach

These beaches on the southern tip of the island are a major tourist attraction. It’s quite crowded there, but very pretty and with breath-taking views of Fuerteventura. The road to get there tho – apparently K has never driven on a worse road – rocky af, not rly a proper road.

Playa Blanca

This newer Lanzarote resort is offering nice choice of local and traditional food. I fulfilled my wish to have a tapas pig out 😀 El Bodegón las Tapas defo recommended.


Usually before I go on a holiday I’m very busy sewing, because it’s a great opportunity to showcase my designs in a new environment. This time I made the beige pants with high slits, pink mesh crop top with flared sleeves, red satin skirt with a slit from an embroidered fabric, nude off shoulder mesh body with flared sleeves and a white off-shoulder shirt which I made from a 2nd hand one by simply removing the collar and adding bra straps.

Teguise 22
Teguise 23

Made by me: beige pants, pink mesh crop top, red satin skirt, nude off-shoulder mesh body and an upcycled white off-shoulder shirt

Karl & Minka