Huhu (how Germans greet each other)! 😀 But maybe I should say Привет. There’s a weird and uncomfortable vibe when Slovaks think and talk about Russia. Many reasons are behind this, but I guess most prominent are the Soviet era and occupation, or more recently and more generally the aggressive, intolerant and extremist politics of Putin, Chechnyas gay concentration camps etc. However, something really interesting is happening amongst this turmoil. A lot of it thanks to social media. Right now the aesthetic coming from Russia and Ukraine alike and not just with Gosha is intriguing. Let me share my fav IGs nowadays: antonbelinskiy, zzhvann, sherminator_mactraxer, golup.udp,, subrosa_kyiv, yuliayefimtchuk, alyonashmelev.

Also totally worth your time is checking out the latest work my friends Adam Csoka Keller and Evelyn Bencicova have been creating in Kiev, Ukraine. The project is called Neighbour. ”Although Kiev’s rave culture is where one can experience the collective body of the nation’s capital’s youth, social media is what has played the central role in the development of their visual language. The way we release information about ourselves and our surroundings has become so integrated into our daily lives that one simply forgets that it has become the way that we perceive everyday reality.”

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Yea, the bag is not real. Avanope made me do it.

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Social media is undoubtedly shaping our lives to a great extent today. It’s for sure influencing our creative process as well. Whether subconsciously or otherwise I can’t escape it. It’s funny how I cut off this suit jacket, made two pieces from it and then saw it on IG two days later and then again on HBA runway. Have I seen it before, just don’t remember and this subconscious memory was driving my creativity (or lack thereof)? Or is there something like an aesthetic which seeps into us through our pores and we can’t help but re-iterate the designs of others? Again this double edged social media sword – tons of inspiration, but try not to copy anybody after being exposed to their ideas.

Anyway, these pics were taken by me and Verotica in front of my fav Russian supermarket nearby where I live. I love to shop there for some good eastern stuff which I can’t find or is shitty in German stores like tvaroh, pirohy, Rigas Balsams, pickled stuff, chicken hearts… Yea, the bag is not real. Avanope made me do it. To borrow some very pertinent words from Donatella Versace: ”It’s fabulous. Don’t be jealous!”

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To borrow some very pertinent words from Donatella Versace: ''It's fabulous. Don't be jealous!''

Made by me: Cut off suit combo

Verotica Johnsson, edit by me