You guessed right. This knit combo didn’t use to be a combo, ha! I bought a knit skirt in an awesome vintage shop in Riga for next to nothing. The problem was it was too long for me (yes, because I’m so small, duh). So I cut it up and made the upper piece from the leftovers. Plus two bra straps I found in the big Berlin Humana on Frankfurter Tor. I was a bit worried about cutting up knit material, but it turns out, it didn’t fall apart and I’ve worn it a lot already.

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I dig combos sooo much! Almost everything I think about in terms of designs revolves around some sort of 'combo combination.'

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Karli’s wearing pants I made from a bed cover I bought at a flea market for just 3 euros! 😀 The idea was to make high waste balloon pants, sort of like they wore in The English Patient, i.e. when they were on expeditions in North Africa. Check them HERE and HERE. Btw. one of my favourite films.

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For the non-Berliners: The pics are shot in a complex called Arena, which is home to a very vibrant art, music and food scene. Our Berlin vodka has a distillery there, from there Club de Visionäre is still blasting music on Monday mornings when I have German class nearby and can hear it through the windows (oh, what a torture!), Badeschiff the swimming pool functions there in summer, in the Glashaus there are always Nachtflohmarkts and of course there’s also a club called Arena, to mention a few.

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Made by me: knit tube skirt and off-shoulder crop top