I sewed this combo from scratch. It was inspired by the denim wonders from Marques Almeida. I really love how they distress denim. This time I was lazy and left all the work for the washing machine (it’s the best for distressing denim laborfree). The transparent plastic buckles are my newest obsession; I want to put them on everything (remember Christopher Kane’s graduate collection buckles?). But it’s just stupid unsustainable plastic, I need to calm down.

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Combo, meal, a group of menu items offered together at a lower price than they would cost individually

Combo (video gaming), a combination of moves used in computer games

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These pictures were taken on the Museumsinsel at the Berliner Dom by Karli. Behind one of the columns I had to change outfits – made someone’s day I’m sure. I wouldn’t recommend doing anything there as it’s crawling with tourists. But take M1 from Hackescher Markt to Schwedter Str. and have the best falafel in Berlin in Babel and while you’re in that neighborhood visit the exhibitions or cinema in ACUD 🙂

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Combo, two (or more) pieces of clothing which were made to be worn together, of the same style, usually from the same fabric.

Made by me: denim shorts and crop top