Puffer jackets, the staple of 90s, 00s teen+ wardrobe. This one was patterned after my old silk bomber and inspired by one from a brand called WWYF. This winter it was the shit, but I didn’t get to show off mine (only on Insta). I made it, but again: it’s a prototype. I made some mistakes and I only wish I could recreate it, but it would be a bit too expensive… Like a 50 at least. Whatever, it was keeping me warm all winter and the next one I make will be puuurrrrfect! Btw, I also love what a Berlin-based collective called GmbH are doing with their puffers and overall.  The recycled Helly Hansen jackets (and other garments) are ”made from deadstock material sourced from a high-end factory in Milan – in resistance to the overconsumption of today’s fashion industry.” Loving their socially conscious, sustainable clubwear <3

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Puffer jacket, the staple of 90s, 00s teen+ wardrobe and probably my least favourite outwear back then. Now I lov.

The skirt turned out exactly how I wanted it. Can't wait to wear it more when it's warm enough for bare legs. The slit is reaching so high that I might be causing nice flash moments wherever I go :) Oh well…

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Sooo the other night I was walking down the street on my way home from Kaufland where me and KK went to get some late night popsicles 😀 AND all of a sudden who’s coming opposite way? MAX RIEMELT – my ultimate teenage actor crush. This German sweetheart plays in one of my guiltiest of pleasures favourite movie about girl vampires in Berlin ‘Wir Sind Die Nacht‘ (you know you must watch it). I wanted to play it cool, but f*ck it. Why not just go full-on FANGIRL mode?! It was about 11PM and nobody else was on the street, just Me, KK, Max and his guy-friend. First I said hello and then I started squeeeeeeaaaling like a little girl… GAWD! Who knew a grown-ass woman can get so starstruck. He just said hello, smiled and walked right passed me, while I stood there jumping and squealing with Karli just as embarrassed kept walking too. Haha, tell me who’d you freak out over if you met them just outside your flat 🙂

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I wanted to play it cool, but f*ck it. Why not just go full-on FANGIRL mode?!

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Made by me: pink puffer jacket and slit skirt

Veronica Jonsson a.k.a. Verotica