This year I had the chance to go on an all-inclusive amazing French Riviera holiday again! K’s family does it every year, but Karli couldn’t go because of his exams, booohoo! I came to join them for a long weekend in a little village called St. Pierre La Mer. It goes without saying that my body and soul were nurtured every day by wonderful local food, sun, sea, my book, playing with my new blog and the AWESOME amusement park we had right at our doorstep next to the beach. Here is a little photo diary, where I also show one of my *sewing* attempts at swimwear!

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Every day my body and soul were nurtured by wonderful local food, sun, sea, my book, playing with my new blog and the AWESOME amusement park.

This nude swimsuit I sewed with a help of my AA bodysuit. I basically just laid it on top of the fabric and cut around it. Then I added a girdle suspender strap which I found accidentally in a 2nd hand shop. It’s really nice to wear. BUT I didn’t have this silicone rubber adhesive strip-thingy which usually lines this type of swimwear, where there’s a high probability of it sliding down. So when I’m swimming my right boob is constantly out. I also made a bikini from the same fabric, but that one is only on my Instagram.

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I guess I value holidays way way more these days, because I finished uni and started working… And so I read a book – that hasn’t happened in ages, which is super sad. I usually just read mags or online. This one was by bell hooks and called ‘All about love’. She is an American author, feminist, and social activist. In her writing she’s focusing mainly on intersectionality of race, capitalism, and gender. In ‘All about love’ she criticizes the way in which love is used in today’s society and that it should be used more as a verb than a noun. I found great solace in this book. It is a perfect piece if you’re wondering about how to learn to love and love better. And of course if you care about your partner, family, friends and the community enough that you’re willing to learn how to extend yourself, like in the definition of love hooks uses in the book so often and fondly – “the will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth.” Bell hooks strongly clarifies why society needs to adopt a universal definition of love. I totally agree with this. I’m sick of the tired phrase ‘love means something else for everyone.’ I highly recommend this book. It’s so honest and illuminating. I wish more men were interested in these issues and read more feminist literature – especially radical 😀 none of that liberal feminist BS.

Bottom line: I need to borrow more bell hooks books! And so should you!

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I had an awesome time just me and his parents and siblings 😀 At times they would break out in a lively chatter in Latvian, but it was interesting to experience this because it made me realize something. Sometimes I tend to talk too much and sway the conversation my way (yes attention whore/narcissist) and here I couldn’t. So I was enjoying not talking. It was a weird experience, but I liked it – to be silent for a change and just observe.

Made by me: nude asymmetrical swimsuit and off-shoulder pure silk top