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It was sunny all day and when i was waking up i could hear Reggaeton thru the window. a very blissful weekend this was fo sho.

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don’t ask for Sangría if you’re not in a tourist-y place, the waiters will make fun of you 🙂

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We stayed at our friend Nuno’s place. @onunpires is also a great dj, listen to his new mix

Drinking in the street is illegal. so we had to improvise with various disguises :d

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barrio de la Latina was my favourite part. It’s a little melting pot inside Madrid with cultural diversity which translates into the whole atmosphere there very well.

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a secret community garden in the heart of La latina.

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go to parque Teleferico madrid it’s beautiful! walk all the way to Casa de campo and then take the cable car back to the city center.

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Fresh juice/smoothie is a must every morning, if you drank älco all day before. i’d tots recommend this cute affordable one.

Origen Taste The World, Calle de las Maldonadas, 7, 28005 Madrid
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There’s lots of vintage shops, but they are a bit price-y for me. so of course we ended up in Humanas instead…

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However, Vintalogy is defo worth a visit bc of the space:

Vintalogy, Calle de Atocha, 8, 28012 Madrid
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@v_rotica modelling the Guccior upcycled top

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MM red stripe parka

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Amazing cheap tacos, but be prepared to queue!

Takos Al Pastor, Calle de la Abada, 2, 28013 Madrid
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