Olaaa chicas & chicos! It’s been some time, but at least I have lots to tell you. Here are some reflections on past events, sewing inspiration waffle, and humble news from my life.

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Everyone's on edge - it's so tangible. Weird times, these...

This velvet combo is meant to feel and look like a fancy lounge/pyjamawear, haha. Cause it’s cool right now. It’s made of anthracite shiny velvet – soo comfy & cuddly. I kinda failed taking a good pic of it outside, so pls consider it on my Instagram.

I know these things have been happening a lot lately. But let me tell you, it’s a totally different story when it happens in your town. As if it wasn’t enough having to walk the streets as a female, then there are also occurrences like the totally unsuspecting woman being kicked down the stairs in the metro by an intoxicated man while peacefully minding her own business. So now added to these is a constant anxiety that you might blow up, be shot by a machine gun or run over by a truck while sipping Glühwein. Not a nice feeling and I’m not the only one. Illustration: a couple of days after the incident I was in the metro and someone sneezed really loudly. Everyone’s head turned in a millisecond to find out what the loud noise was. Everyone’s on edge – it’s so tangible. My friend was standing a few meters away when the truck flew by her and smashed into people. Ever since she told me what happened and vividly described all the horrors…. I’m unbelievably sad for her and everyone who was affected, or worse. I can tell you, it’s sometimes hard to get it out of my mind. Weird times, these…

Some time ago I took self-defence classes for a month. Long story short, I thought it was necessary and about time. Sad but true. I had the opportunity to meet a wonderful woman Susie, the teacher and a martial arts expert, who taught us (all-female class, on purpose) not only the practicalities and moves of self-defence, but also the theory. I still look like a petit girlio. However, the amount of confidence such classes can pour into a woman is incredible! Walking the streets at night is definitely a different feeling now. I’d recommend to start learning self-defence to all the fems out there. And by the way, a big shout out to Vienna for distributing free pocket alarms to thousands of women.

Apart from still working at Conflictfood, I now also do social media for AMH. It’s a cool brand from London, which focuses on fancy men’s streetwear. Usually monochromatic and always with an inspired concept. I met Ashley at a talk about the 1.5 million stitch sweatshirt. I live for the creative direction, especially the VHS footage, well check it out for yourself.

I started a full-time content & social media management course in November. It’s all in German and I’m the only non-native speaker there 😀 Sometimes I learn a lot and sometimes I’m bored. But the thing is that I now spend way too much time on social media. And it’s not beause I’m addicted or something. It just somehow became a space which I occupy for most of my day, because it’s my work. What was unexpected and I don’t appreciate it, is how it dimishes my motivation to blog. This is TOTALLY BAD! Imagine you spend 10 hours a day on average on social media. After that, I just want to be offline and neglect my blog in the process. On the other hand I find so much relaxation in sewing. Honestly, if I had my way, I’d be making clothes all day long – I love it so much.

I’ve been getting some pretty nice compliments on my designs and it kicked me super hard into finally starting to think realistically about launching my own lil’ brand. Haha, I already got mucho 2nd hand blanket covers and such to carry out my experiments. Let’s see how this year goes.  <3 Wishing you all all the best!

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Imagine you spend 10 hours a day on average on social media. After that, I just want to be offline.

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Made by me: anthracite velvet combo

Karl K