Another one of my creations is here. The grey top is inspired by one I’ve seen in H&M (yayaya, whatever!). You see, for a total amateur-tailoress such as myself it is way easier to start with recreating what I saw elsewhere, before plunging into the world of pattern-making. I do make my own patterns, but it’s way easier to copy + this one is one of my earlier pieces – hence the shitty hem. Now I know how to do it properly even without an overlock machine. The cream culottes are from a fleamarket and are also altered (from size 44 to my size).

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The grey top is inspired by one I've seen in H&M (yayaya, whatever!).

The bag, just like the top, is also made from scratch. To make the bag I used my antie’s old real suede skirt. The skirt was baggy, enormous and in no way wearable by me. Again, I styled it up with my favourite clear buckles. I made another bag from the rest of the skirt and some I still have left for future projects.

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This time shot by a new photographer, Chris from Haltdieklappe (a German pun, means ‘shut up’ or the ‘Clapperboard’ when shooting a film – Chris is primarily a filmmaker). Recently, I browsed a few FB groups here in Berlin to find new photographers, because I wanted some fresh blood on this blog, since the whole thing is soooo fresh right now 😉

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To make the bag I used my auntie's old real suede skirt.

Made by me: off-shoulder top and nude suede cross-body bag

Christian Schneider