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”Emerge from Quarantine a beautiful butterfly..”

This capsule collection was born as a result of collecting fabric scraps from the remains of reworked pieces, since Melisa Minca began in 2018. The concept was to emphasise that Melisa Minca is a sustainable, upcycling brand and nothing goes to waste. Each piece is one of a kind and can not be simply remade. The inspiration behind each design varied with a strong focus on the early 2000s. However, the main influence for this capsule collection was the feeling of a care-free Summer after the global lockdown is over.

The above photos modelled by: @canel_aylin, @ixa_psyborg, @shermaninfant & @lucaaimee            shoes by: @junojunoshop

Boss Dress 9

Boss Dress

Opacity Dress 15

Opacity Dress

Original price was: 199,00 €.Current price is: 179,00 €.

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