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” the latest project from Girls are awesome x Adidas features the work of eleven impressive artists who bring forth innovation in a collaborative environment.”

‘Future Studio’ was a project for which Adidas invited me to upcycle / rework / repurpose their deadstock / vintage garments & fabrics.’

One of the creators, Melisa Minca, part of the fashion group, already has a brand, one collection under her own name, and another called System Recovery. The latter of Minca’s collections focuses on using upcycling techniques, which rather than recycling, gives more value and better quality to what would have otherwise been discarded. Her aim by the time of the exhibition is that people who come to see her work realize that all fashion can be done ethically and sustainably. What’s also important for Minca is that she uses the platform that adidas and Girls Are Awesome are providing to send a message about upcycling, sustainable fashion, and the practices behind it. “It’s about bridging that gap and that’s why I started [System Recovery]. I want to show people that [fashion] doesn’t have to be that much more expensive, and that it’s cool.”

Though she’s never experienced working in an environment with other creatives, she considers the experience to be rewarding, despite being unfamiliar. “When I came here, I came with that same attitude, like I’m going to do my own thing, because that’s what I like. Maybe I have a little bit of a lone-wolf syndrome and I guess I have to work on that but, of course, we all ask each other, ‘how do you like this or that?’ And then bounce ideas.” – Girl Are Awesome

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