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Reworked knits, swimsuits Upcycled from scraps, Zero-waste terry combos, embroidered Deadstock uniforms.

Recovering, reworking, repurposing. We’ve recovered these pre-loved knits, preparing them for their new life. Working with a variety of materials and fibers, from synthetic to natural – everything deserves to be recovered. From smooth, shaping bodysuits to chunky knits, layers of textures are here! Styled and conceived with the spirit of 90s in mind, the collection celebrates skin and the THONG THO THONG THONG THONG… Give yourself freedom to express and reveal. Working with fully fashioned knits as well as raw edges (cut and sewn), separating pieces, finishing edges to create multiple pieces out of one. Utilising the pre-existing shapes of the knit allowed for a zero waste production. Reimagining the so-called granny’s panties by rearranging the fabric and turning them into bodysuits. It wouldn’t be MM if there wasn’t beige and black&white tones in the collection.

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