Two weeks ago I came back from my holiday in the south of France. You can check
out a little photo diary here. However, my insta has a lot more fashion (from this holiday), if you’re looking for that. These are all shot on film with my Zenit and Minolta.
Double exposure with my Minolta

cute little town of Grimaud
First I’d like
to share with you a brief review of one book I started and finished there. It’s
called ‘Girls Will Be Girls’ and is written by Emer O’Toole.
the amazing Palais Idéal
Emer is an Irish
girl, who grew up in a village near Dublin and later moved to London to work
after uni. She has a PhD and I kinda fell in love with her writing very early
on in the book. It’s honest and it really did speak to me on many levels.
Cocteau’s chapel Notre-Dame de Jérusalem

And no. It’s not all
about body hair (just one chapter). However, you could read an interview
with her
to get an idea of what she’s about. I joined WANG
to find out more, I have to admit 😀 The book is about rethinking what we know about gender.
Glowing men on poles in Nice
A fountain square in Nice
booty-shaking, sexual disasters, family dinners and full-body waxing are all
lovingly dissected in search of wisdom.” Emer discusses stereotypes,
conformity, traditional gender roles, societal expectations… Clothes, sex,
body hair, boobs, surgery…
Sometimes I would
read out loud to K. and we’d have a convo. He is an amazing man who I can talk
to about anything. What kept coming up was structure vs. agency problem.
Grimaldi Forum, Monaco
Take shaving body
hair for example. He said: ‘you don’t have to shave, if you don’t want to.’ So
basically giving me free choice and complete control over what I look like.
However, there is a problem with this. Shaving ceased to be a choice for women
a long time ago. Because, there are two options: you shave -> you conform
societal expectations -> you adhere to the rules of femininity -> you’re
fine. OR you don’t shave -> you’re made fun of -> you’re viewed as weird
-> you disgust people -> nobody gets it. It’s not much of a choice then,
is it?
Oh so posh Monte Carlo
Our mothers had a choice when it came to shaving. Our generation? Not really. The book suggested that this trend might get more extreme in time. Will it be necessary for our daughters to have their boobs done if they’re small? Will botox be a part of their retirement plan? It’s disconcerting to say the least. 
the lovely town of Vienne
The structure vs. agency debate came up last time, when I
talked about
how torn I am and the whole cognitive dissonance issue of
mine. It is very hard to exercise full agency when the structure is so strongly
embedded in us. By structure is meant the world around us, its rules and
expectations. E.g. there’s much bigger pressure exerted on women to take care of
their looks than on men.
Anyway, I recommend
the book. It’s just awesome and liberating. Here is another
interesting article
by Emer about the polyamorous. Also recommending a mag called Riposte, which partnered with the zine, ‘the Anonymous Sex Journal,’ for their 4th issue. I had a lot of fun reading that 🙂
Saint Tropez
Brigitte Bardot was everywhere
The holiday was
super! We travelled around a lot instead of chilling in our villa pool/on our closest beach. I’d never done a holiday by
the sea this way before. There were palms everywhere, so dreamy! I ate seafood
almost every day <3 We hiked, went sightseeing, on boat trips, Monte Carlo,
Saint Tropez, Nice… It was really amazing. 
the amazing Palais Idéal
Our humble abode