Yesterday morning I
read this
. Yesterday afternoon someone catcalled at me and I’ve responded for
the first time ever.

was wearing my pink dress (above) with no bra. It was 37 degrees outside and I really
couldn’t be bothered (yes, I do this for practical reasons, not to show off).
When I was happily leaving Aupark (a shopping mall) with a bag full of just
developed and scanned photos, I passed a man. He looked something like this. No hair, lots of tattoos, sleazy,
not too tall, with muscles, stocky figure, ugly face, and slim fit clothes.
Just your average slizký Auparkový kokotko/trtko. He had a friend who looked the same. There were a lot of people
around as well.

He said: ”Mmmm, no
bra, how I like it.”

That instant I said
to myself that I won’t take it this time. I was livid.
I turned around and
with an angry tone asked him what he said.
He repeated it in
other words.
Gradually raising my
voice I started talking at him. I asked him, who he is to talk to me like that.
I told him that I’m deeply offended and that nobody needs his sleazy sexist
remarks. I shouted at him that he looks like a monkey, but he is a human, so next
time he could actually think about what he’s going to say before he says it. Or
rather, keep it to himself.
I was interrupted.
Both him and his friend started talking. I couldn’t quite make out what they
were saying because their voices were much quieter than mine. But I heard
I screamed at him to
shut up, turn around and walk away.
But of course they
didn’t. They kept talking, angrily as well.
The only thing left
to me was to leave. So I shut up and I turned around and I walked away. But I
flipped them the bird at least on my way out.
I was scared. I
rummaged in my bag for ages, got my pepper spray and that’s how I walked to the
bus stop and home. Turning around every few seconds. Scared shitless.

This is how it
works. They offend you. They don’t say sorry. They make you scared.
I was deeply
disturbed by this incident. Now I’m confused as to what to do. Should I always
call them [catcallers] out and make myself unnecessary enemies around town?
Wait for them to meet me accidentally one day when no people are around…? Or
just shut up and take this shit?

If you’re going to
tell me to wear a bra, think again. My body is not a passive sexual object. I
get to choose what I wear without having to fear any response.

But you know how you
only think of best responses when the fight is actually over?

I could have told
him that he is an ugly, sleazy, smelly, waste of space dressed in clothes
from his slimmer brother.
I could have asked
him where his parents made a mistake (although I know exactly where).
I could have slapped
I could have said
shut up to his sidekick who came to his help instantly.
I could have told
him that my dad’s around the corner (the one who was in the army, used to be a
personal trainer and has a beautifully extensive collection of knives = all
true, apart from him being around the corner).
As the article said, this generation is probably lost. I won’t change it by neither shouting nor pleading nor ignoring the catcalls.

I could have showed
him my hairy legs and armpits and ask him ”Mmm, is that how you like
it as well…?” 😀

2,3,5 pics by Bethany Grace
1,4,6,7,8,9 pics by Andrew R Moore