I’ve been in Slovakia almost two months. Have a look at some pics from the time here and other time 🙂 Prague in two weeks!

Na Slovensku som už skoro dva mesiace, tak si pozrite pár fotiek z tohto času a aj iného 🙂 Za dva týždne už Praha!

 Oh dear Handlová, shorts from Choies HERE
 Petroci in Moskau
 Králíček at Jedlíkova market
 Ivanushka swimming with the dolphins
 Yellow Prievidza, cream eye shadow from Oriflame HERE
 Ivanushka’s granny’s garden
 Kaktoci in Moskau 2
 Vanda & Karin @ Patrick Arthur Vitek fashion show
 Adam & Eva & KC & Eva’s head piece
 Granny chic
 Flower grannies in Tržnica Trnavské mýto
 Used to be Starý most

Toma in Moscow wearing Dear Friends cap

 New Year’s Prague, in Jakub’s garden by Ivan 
 Adam & Evelyn casual red carpet
 Vanda Janda as Frida Kahlo, hairband by Hogo Fogo
 Tamara and our old bridge being disassembled
 Vanda by the fountain, swimsuit from Choies HERE
 Ivan and his lollipop (and my NM bag!!!)
 Me by Ester
 Poor Rajniak must be having nightmares about us by now
 Dominik spanking me in Prague, skirt from Choies HERE
 Cigarette vanille, cigarette chocolat. Cigarette, cigarette…
 Adam‘s advice? ”If you want the Nazis to leave you alone, dress like one.” 😀
 All white meets dark hair and lips
 Hens in Šurany
 Ivan and Dom služieb
 Sun-kissed Bronka in Bratislava
 When I met Frida
 Dominik and me watching a UFO hovering above Prague
 Bronka ootd – outfit of that day
Adam photobombing Vanda at Dobrý Trh
 Vanda tried walking in my shoes
 Ivanko and slaninka at opekačka
 Jedlíkova chic, all white lady
 These two future Berliners
 A blouse from Evelyn
Hogo Fogo head piece