Memories… I’m leaving Edinburgh for more than 5 months; I’ll be working on my dissertation at home. Do you have plans yet?
Feeling very nostalgic and kind of sentimental I made a selection of mju photos from this last semester for you. Enjoy!
I’m going to miss Edinburgh <3

Spomienky… Opúšťam Edinburgh na viac ako 5 mesiacov; budem písať diplomovku doma cez leto. Vy už máte plány?
Cítiac sa velice nostalgicky a trošku sentimentálne som pre vás vybrala mju fotky z tohto posledného semestra. Užívajte!
Edinbura mi bude chýbať <3

 Adam amused by our old (fugly) pics
 This guy on wheels had a GPS inside and when you pushed him around the gallery he would tell you about the pieces
 a vintage kilo store in Glasgow
 Portobello beach
 thug centaur in Bongo club
a field trip to Torness nuclear power plant
 Snapped a couple of naughty strangers in a club… I’m bad 😀 Karma will catch up with me, I know.
 Detroit sucks. Haha, noooo… He’s a darling!

 The Great Wave of Kanagawa and Adam in my grandma’s fur
 Golden tooth a.k.a. grillz!
 That’s the naked #contempo guy in the gallery I was talking about. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t pose for me 🙁
A little Scottish San Francisco
Andrew posing for me
Cockburn Street, pronounced like Coe-burn. I didn’t know about it until last semester and kept calling it Cockburn 😀
The End