HOT! At night, during the day, all the time. Today there’s supposed to be a record breaking heat in Slovakia (°40C and more). Woa! And we’re making colorful harakiri on Toma’s head at his air-conditioned place! Look forward 🙂 Your plans?
Here’s a BANG pyjama outfit for Subclub + BW wotsyrproblem outfit for random city walks and a Kontakt evening.

HORKO! V noci, cez deň, stále. Dnes má horko na Slovensku lámať rekordy (°40C a viac) :-O Woa! A my ideme Tomovi na hlave robiť farebné harakiri v jeho vyklimatizovanom bejváku! Tešte sa 🙂 Vaše plány?
Tu BANG pyžamko outfit na indiečkach + BW wotsyrproblem outfitčok na random prechádzky mestom a Kontakt večer.

H&M What’s your problem? dress, H&M cut out ankle boots
Ebay inflatable backpack

2nd hand floral gown
vintage pale pink cropped top
H&M Divided nude wedges, H&M scalloped shorts
H&M BANG necklace, holographic bag

Naschmarkt 2nd hand basketball attire
Pray for Paris floral print 5 panel hat