Callan came back from South Africa! Weeee, of course we had to meet with Kerry again and take nice pictures and ”soak up each other’s awesomeness” <3 I love this place – [email protected] St Gardens. It’s used as a venue occasionally and we had to climb over a fence to get there – so bad-ass.
And yes, I changed in the freezing cold. Only for you, people!!! 😀 <3
Photos by Kerry Lytwyn on my Minolta
Callan sa vrátila z Južnej Afriky! Weee, samozrejme sme sa museli stretnúť s Kerry a nafotiť naše dojímavé stretnutie po 2 týždňoch <3 Strašne sa mi páči toto miesto – [email protected] St Gardens. Funguje to ako amfiteáter a museli sme preliezť plot, aby sme sa tam dostali – najviac béd-éés.
A áno, v tej treskúcej zime som sa prezliekla. Pre vás, drahí!!! 😀 <3  
Fotky od Kerry Lytwyn na moju Minoltu

chiffon black Primark skirt
2nd hand white turtleneck
Urban Outfitters leather gladiator wedge sandals
DIY silver chunky chain made from H&M belt
La Riche Directions hair dye, shades: turquoise, violet, cerise